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Posted by Auro GSH Fulfillment on

ASP Set includes both the WAKE and REST antioxidant creams, a 2 month supply. The Auro skin Protocol Set includes all of the following ingredients in the most potent, and highly absorbable forms, in a convenient day (WAKE) and night (REST) set. Auro is offering a cutting edge formula of the most sought after anti-aging ingredients available, in a complete and cost effective two bottle regimen. Our competitors prices for a 1 month supply of each stand alone ingredient. Glutathione $199 Clycloastragenol (adaptogen) $250 Vitamin C $166 DMAE $49 Vitamin E $59 CoQ10 $79 Resveratrol $64 Carnosine $39 ONE MONTH SUPPLY $908 AURO...

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